Your Investment Has Boundless Benefits

Invest in our Future...Locally and Globally!

Helping communities throughout the world is what CFC is all about. Giving back through the annual campaign is the best, most efficient way for Federal employees to improve lives, strengthen communities and encourage change...a solid investment with boundless benefits!

The decision to participate and the amount of one's gift are up to each individual. There are tens of thousands of reasons to give through the CFC...each one has a name and a face. No contribution is too small and all contributions do make a difference!

Your CFC Investment at Work...
These figures represent just a handful of the charities served by Miami Valley CFC. Use this guide and our online e-search directory to find your cause.

Choose your investment by cause:

Invest in the environment:
$20 provides a 5-6 foot tall native seedling for planting along one of our urban streams

$104 protects floodplains and riverbanks that help filter harmful pollution out of our drinking water

$156 protects two cubic miles of ocean and all of the life that it supports

Invest in combatting hunger:
$15 provides a food kit for a disabled senior citizen for one week

$133 feed one child every weekend for an entire school year

Invest in our furry friends:
$38 will spay or neuter one animal

$25 will bottle-feed a litter of orphaned kittens for one week

Choose your investment by dollar figure:

$52 per year...

  • Provides four sessions of rehabilitative care for an individual suffering from a brain injury
  • Provides 15 mobile meals for an elderly, home-bound person
  • Provides 520 people with education about playing a role in protecting urban green space, restoring residential recycling and implementing new, clean energy standards in their communities
  • Provides a 2-piece suit for each of two men re-entering the work place

$260 per year...

  • Provides 560 pounds of food for a food bank network that serves 200 food pantries and soup kitchens
  • Provides the planting of 200 cedar trees for a habitat restoration project
  • Provides 320 hours of after-school care for 100 latchkey children

$520 per year...

  • Provides airfare for a kidney donor or recipient to travel for an out-of-area transplant
  • Provides 1,900 daffodil bulbs for school children to plant
  • Provides 520 books for children participating in a literacy program
  • Provides 26 starter kits filled with food and household supplies for families transitioning from homelessness into housing

$1,000 per year...

  • Provides 28 disabled veterans with support to maintain employment
  • Provides 20 hours of advocacy services for the deaf
  • Provides a dialysis patient with five months of medication

$1,200 per year...

  • Provides emergency communication services for 10 military families
  • Provides summer camp scholarships for three children with asthma
  • Provides a mammogram for 12 individuals