Doug Atkinson, 2015 Campaign Chair

Friends of the Combined Federal Campaign,

It is my great honor to serve as chair of this year’s Miami Valley Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). I’ve been a strong supporter of CFC since my earliest days as a young Navy enlisted man. Over the years, I’ve been a contributor, Keyworker, Loaned Executive, agency campaign chair and now Chair for the entire eleven county Miami Valley CFC. I have been happy to serve in each role because I strongly believe in the tremendous benefits to the organizations CFC supports. Our contributions are an investment in our community, country and world.

As the world’s largest annual federal workplace charitable giving campaign, CFC gives you the ability to support the charities that sustain our community – with the click of a button, and just a few moments of your time. You can choose local, national and international charities for your contribution of any size, and know that you’re investing in programs and services that are vital to our wounded warriors and veterans, the environment, critical health and human needs, education, arts, animal welfare, and more! Every investment makes a difference – locally and globally. The success of the campaign relies on you!

The mission of CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee-focused, cost efficient and effective in providing the opportunity to improve the quality of life in our communities. Globally our friends, family and colleagues contribute millions of dollars annually through 143 CFCs. Since CFC’s inception, federal employees have pledged more than $7 million for their favorite organizations. Each and every contribution makes a difference! For example:

A $1 per week investment will provide…

  • A paralyzed veteran’s family of 4 with a meal for the holidays
  • Three nights of emergency shelter for a homeless family
  • Four new bike helmets to give to children in the emergency room after an accident
  • Four sessions of rehabilitative care for an individual suffering from a brain injury
  • Twelve baby blankets for a neo-natal intensive care unit

Other investment considerations will…

  • Feed a child from a food-insecure home every weekend for an entire school year 
  • Provide electricity to power a public radio station
  • Provide a performing arts workshop for an after-school program
  • Provide needy PreK-12 students with a year’s worth of school supplies
  • Cover all expenses for a war veteran to visit the WWII, Korean and Vietnam memorials in Washington, D.C.

Your electronic pledge – through myPay, Employee Express (EEX) or CFC Nexus – helps to significantly reduce the amount of campaign materials needed and costs associated with processing paper pledge forms. These and other cost-saving initiatives ensure every dollar contributed enhances our quality of life. By managing our limited resources efficiently and effectively, costs for Miami Valley CFC are one of the lowest in the nation. This means more money is in the hands of your favorite charities!

Our theme this year is “Invest in our future…locally and globally!” With your help and enthusiasm, I know we will do just that. We invite you to help us with our campaign goals to raise awareness and increase donor participation by joining us at the great events we have planned this year.

New this year, we’ll be sharing stories from people just like you, and the charities that receive the funds you contribute. If you’d like to see your story on Twitter @MiamiValleyCFC, or Facebook/MiamiValleyCombinedFederalCampaign, send it to Your words may well inspire a first-time donor, ultimately improving our future…locally and globally.

On behalf of this year’s campaign leadership team, thank you in advance for your support,


Doug Atkinson, GS-15, DAF
2015 Campaign Chair, Miami Valley Combined Federal Campaign
Director of Engineering, ISR/SOF Directorate
Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC)
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

Richard Swain, GS-14, DAF
2015 Campaign Vice-chair, Miami Valley Combined Federal Campaign

Maintenance Specialist, Depot Policy Lead
HQ  Air Force Materiel Command (HQ AFMC)
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio


Campaign Action Officers
Eric Bucher, AFLCMC
Laura Davis, HQ AFMC
Delvyn Deschamps, AFLCMC
David Diaz, AFLCMC
Tracey Elliott, HQ AFMC
Scott Fogle, HQ AFMC
Leisa Lemaster, AFLCMC