Charity List

This year 177 local charities are participating with Miami Valley CFC in addition to nearly 20,000 charities from around the world. Donors can contribute to any CFC-approved charity, regardless of duty location or where a charity is located. Our printed charity list features nearly 2,500 charities. Use the "SEARCH CHARITIES" tool on our home page to find all of this year's CFC-approved charities.

Click the image on the left to view this year's charity list.

Please note that the following CFC-approved charity was inadvertently omitted from this 
year’s National/International list: 
12046              Society of St. Andrew, The (800)333-4597   
EIN# 541285793 America's premier food rescue and distribution ministry 
dedicated to gleaning America's fields to feed America's hungry. We provide 
nutritious food to people in need. 3.2%  K,P,X